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How Brands Are Using AI in Email – Subject Line Assistant Update

How brands today are using AI in email marketing to get a 25% lift in open rates and generating more revenue. Updates to the tinyEinstein Subject line assistant and it's helping brands grow.

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Just about two weeks ago, we launched tinyEinstein — what’s to become a suite of powerful and helpful AI tools to help marketers achieve more in less time. The first tool we released under tinyEinstein is the Subject Line Assistant; a powerful and yet incredibly easy-to-use product that sits within the tinyEmail Campaign creation flow and generates highly engaging subject lines based on global data.

And you have loved it! In just two weeks we have seen thousands of you sending email campaigns with subject lines generated using the AI Assistant and hundreds of you seeing immediate positive impact in your marketing ROI. Here are just some numbers:

AI Subject Line Assistant TinyEmail – 1

We are excited to release several new updates to the AI Subject Line Assistant!

We are incredibly grateful for all the feedback you have given us over the last two weeks and we have proud to announce that we have implemented two of the most requested enhancements to the AI Subject Line Assistant. And we have made the recommendations even better!

Find past recommendations in history

The most requested feature to add was the ability to see past recommendations. Often you skip past some of the AI generated results only to find that one of the many you skipped through was the perfect one. Now, you can view past recommendations in the History tab. No need to copy them over to a notebook!

Save and search your favourites

Really like something that you want to use later? You can click on the star icon to favourite any Subject Line that the assistant generates. What’s more? You can search for your favourites using the search bar. Finding that perfect Subject Line is even easier now.

Upgraded machine learning means even more effective recommendations

We have made the assistant even better with four times more computational power and improved machine learning that generates even more effective recommendations for your email campaigns. The tool computes billions of possible options, crosschecks a public database of millions of marketing messages and compares against what works best for you if you have used the tool before. Level up your marketing with tinyEinstein.

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