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Introducing Tiny Forms

Simple to create, infinitely customizable embedded, popup and flyout forms for your website and eCommerce stores. Grow your email lists easily.

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TinyEmail forms

Email subscription forms — why are they so important?

74% of businesses use web forms for lead generation and growing their email audience, with 49.7% saying that their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool. Outbound leads such as Google and Facebook Ads cost upwards of 39% more than inbound leads and aren’t nearly as effective.

Meet tinyEmail subscription forms.

At tinyEmail, our guiding mission is to create simple and effective tools that save you time, resources and money. Subscription forms have always been the most requested feature among our thousands of users. Today, we are excited to launch Tiny Forms – simple, effective email subscription forms that blend in seamlessly on your website.

Simple and secure

Keeping simplicity and versatility at its core, tinyEmail forms are designed to make the creation and implementation of forms easy and quick. Check this guide here on how to use forms. Most importantly, tinyEmail forms are secure and can only be used to websites that you authorize. This is significantly different from other email providers where bad actors can copy the form code and use it to spam your lists with illegitimate subscribers.

One solution, many forms

Simplicity of form does not need to come at the expense of versatility. We understand that different websites and eCommerce stores require different kinds of forms. In fact, for maximum conversions, each form needs to be slightly different for pages that are significantly different from one another. For instance, an embedded form does very well on a home page. But a popup form would do better on a product page and flyout form on a blog post.

Easily create embedded forms, popup forms or flyout forms from the same interface.

You can easily create forms of different types — embedded, popup or flyouts from the same tinyEmail forms interface without the need of a third-party service.

You can further add more function to these forms by either displaying them upon loading a page in a browser or based on custom rules like the amount of time spent on your website’s page or the percentage of page scrolled. Check out this help article to know more.

We are constantly adding more enhancements across the tinyEmail product including forms. Stay tuned for more!

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