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Nifty tricks, guides and tutorials for all things email

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How to Save an Email as a PDF

If you want to convert your email into a PDF, you can do so in a few simple steps whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail. Keep reading to learn how.


What is Archive Email?

Do you want to keep your email inbox clean without actually deleting important emails? Learn more about what email archiving is and how it can help you.


How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook

If you like to review your email before it gets sent, you can set a delay timer to prevent the email from getting sent. Read our guide to learn how it’s done.


How to Change Your Email on Facebook

You don’t need to log into Facebook with the same email address forever. You can easily change your email on Facebook by following these simple steps.


How to Retrieve a Deleted Email

If you’ve accidentally deleted an important email, don’t panic just yet. We’ll teach you how to retrieve deleted emails in Gmail. Outlook, and Apple Mail.

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