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How to Send an Email via Text: A Quick and Handy Guide

If you need to send an email but don’t have access to your email client, don’t worry. You can send an email via a text message if you follow these steps.

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While emails are standard for professional and formal communication, text messages are the go-to method for quick and informal conversations. But what if you find yourself in a situation where you need to send an email but can only access your phone? The good news is that it’s entirely possible to send an email via text, bridging the gap between these two communication channels. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Set Up Email-to-Text Conversion

Most major email service providers offer an email-to-text gateway, which allows you to send emails through a designated email address that converts the content into a text message. To set this up:


Compose a new email and enter the recipient’s phone number followed by the domain specific to their carrier. For example, for a Verizon number, the address would be “p[email protected]”. Type your message, subject, and hit send.


Follow a similar process to Gmail, using the recipient’s phone number followed by the appropriate domain. For example, for AT&T, it would be “[email protected]”.

2. Formatting Your Message

Since text messages have character limitations, it’s important to keep your email concise and within the limit imposed by your service provider. Generally, the maximum character count ranges from 140 to 160 characters. The subject line can be included in the body of the text message, or you can skip it entirely if you’re tight on characters.

3. Attachments and Formatting

Sending attachments via text-to-email conversion can be challenging due to size limitations. Some email-to-text gateways will not support attachments, while others might convert them into a link. It’s best to avoid sending attachments through this method.


In a world where staying connected is vital, knowing how to send an email via text can be a valuable skill. Whether you’re on the go, facing network issues, or simply prefer texting, this method allows you to bridge the gap between traditional emails and quick text messages. Now that you understand the basics, you can send emails via text and ensure your messages reach their intended recipients in a convenient manner.

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