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How to Add an Email to iPhone

If you want to access your email on your iPhone, we’ll teach you how to add email addresses to your iPhone and sync up the data for a cohesive experience.

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If you have an iPhone, setting up and adding your email address to your device is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. Whether it’s a work email or personal account, the iPhone’s Mail app allows you to manage all your emails conveniently in one place. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of adding an email address to your iPhone, so read on to learn how it’s done.


To add an email to your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and press “Mail.”
  3. Tap “Accounts.”
  4. Select “Add Account.”
  5. Choose the email provider.
  6. Tap “Continue.”
  7. Login into your email account.
  8. Choose whether or not you want to sync your apps. Make sure the “Mail” option is toggled on so that you can access your inbox information on your iPhone.

What do I do if I can’t see my email provider on my iPhone?

If you reach step five and can’t see the email provider you’re using, you’ll need to add your email address manually. Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Open the settings on your phone.
    2. Scroll down and press “Mail.”
    3. Tap “Accounts.”
    4. Select “Add Account.”
    5. Select “Other.”
    6. Tap “Add Mail Account”.
    7. Enter the address information.
    8. Tap “Next.”
    9. Choose between IMAP and POP (IMAP allows you to access your email from any device while POP deletes the email from all servers and only allows you to access it on your device).
    10. Go back to your home screen and use Safari to look up the host name of your email service provider along with the word “IMAP.”
    11. Look up the incoming mail server from a relevant site, preferably from your email service provider’s website.
    12. Copy the incoming mail server.
    13. Go back to the email address setup tab.
    14. Paste the incoming mail server in the “Host Name” fields under both “Incoming Male Server” and “Outgoing Mail Server.”
    15. Copy and paste your email address in the “Username” field.
    16. Type your account password.
    17. Tap “Next.”
    18. Toggle “Mail.”
    19. Tap “Save.”

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