Porcelain sculptures for the life-electronics performance “Melymbrosia”, 2023

“The Remembrance of Air”                                                  
Length 4' 50", fixed media, stereo, 2022

The study was assembled from the sounds of my everyday Weimar life: the space of a building where I live and an area on my way to the grocery store. While working on the collected material, I wanted to indicate the difference between air and underwater environments, and to express such transition processes as diving and surfacing, through different approaches to stereo gestures and speed. Of course, these symbols refer only to the imaginary spaces of human perception, not real physics. The title of the study refers to the work of the feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray “The Forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger”, which criticizes the tradition of Western metaphysics. Sound as well as Air is an important object of New Materialism, an intellectual space of inclusive sensitivity to the weightless and invisible tissues. 

“Study for incredibly smart dark kittens”
Length 4' 08", fixed media, stereo, 2023

At this point, I would like to send some greetings to Enola Holmes, Mica Levi, and the indestructible power of horror, which milk foam perfectly possesses!


Length 9' 21", life-electronics performance for porcelain sculptures and laser microphone, 2023

How far can you get from your bedroom to the seabed, carried away by the barbed, thin as a milk skin, ink pen by Virginia?

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